What is a MetaMovie? (:30 trailer)

Alien Rescue

What is a MetaMovie? We've combined cinematic storytelling, live theater, immersive VR, role playing AND video game mechanics into an incredible new experience: a MetaMovie!

In Alien Rescue you play a character hired by a team of alien-rights activists to help them rescue a rare and dangerous creature from captivity. You must break into the Kelosite Research Facility, avoid being caught, killed or eaten, and try to accomplish the mission. Along the way you’ll explore the massive lab, you’ll use your wits to outsmart the Artificial Intelligence security system, and you’ll have the chance to determine where the story goes and how it ends. However, Alien Rescue is not simply a thrilling adventure: you will also have to confront the challenging ideological debate around vivisection and animal rights, and ultimately you will have to choose sides and determine where your loyalties lie.

Live performances weekly in NeosVR (free on steam). For more information and tickets:


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