MMC22 Maker Talk with Crusher, Rustybot & Delirious Jax April 17th 2022

VR for Education

Neos Educators present the MMC22 Maker Talks series “How We Made It”. The month-long Neos contest "Metaverse Maker Competition" award winning developers share their process, obstacles and and success stories.

Featuring three highly talented Neos creators: Crusher, team lead for Team Boulder, will take us behind the scenes of the World: Game Honorable Mention winner A Burning Memory. Rustybot, creator of Rusty M.E.C.H., winner in the Other Misc category, will share their process and insights. And DeliriousJax, creator of World Social Honorable Mention winning entry, SS Stardust, will share their approach to creating such an ambitious project in such a short amount of time.