How a font can help people with dyslexia to read | Christian Boer | TEDxFultonStreet


It's very rare that graphic design can relieve a medical problem, but this is one such case. Take a brief tour through the world of dyslexia, as Christian Boer shows how conventional typography produces text that is hard for dyslexics to read. Then he demonstrates clearly how his innovation sidesteps the usual stumbling blocks - making a potentially life-changing improvement for millions.

Christian Boer has dyslexia and is a graphic designer. For his graduation project he developed a typeface for people with dyslexia called Dyslexie. The typeface went worldwide and used by thousands of people. Next to this he is also busy with dyslexia awareness and connecting people that work in the field of dyslexia and giving speeches for teachers about dyslexia in the class.

Christian Boer is a graphic designer and graduate of the Utrecht Art Academy. He first developed the Dyslexie typeface there as a final project.

Dyslexie font was a finalist for the Fast Company Innovate Through Design Award in 2012 and went on to many highlights in 2013, including a nomination for the Rabobank New Generation Pitch.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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