Dtract "Mutate"


This was a funky project for DDB Los Angeles. I was thrilled to get the call from Plum Productions in Los Angeles, they've been a well-respected commercial shop for years. Chuck Sloan, who founded the company, took me under his wing and gave me great mentorship until he passed away in 2011.  This job was unusual though: these spots were part of a larger campaign and TV show tie-in with ABC's short-lived "American Inventor". As part of this shoot, I was featured in a reality-show style program that filmed every step of our prep, shoot and post. Ug. Maybe it was karmic payback for the reality tv work I've done, but it did not make the job easier. However, working with incredible DP Eric Trageser and a great visual effects team made up for the hassle of having a film crew in my face for two weeks.