ANIMALS (Official Trailer)

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Set in in the hardscrabble, run down town of Walton, in the Catskill Mountains, 'Animals' pits brothers and small time criminals Murphy and Ozzie against Patience, a corrupt and sinister animal control officer who captures their runaway dog Barney and holds him for ransom.

"Animals" was a true passion project: I shot this 45 minute film with a small, dedicated group of filmmaker friends in Delaware County, NY, where I live. It was an incredibly satisfying endeavor: my actors Nick Nordella, Bryant Carroll, Graceann Dorse and J. Stephen Brantley were incredible. My DP Eric Branco was a true pleasure to work with. And collaborating with my wife Jennifer, who co-wrote, co-produced and designed the costumes was a dream. 

The film is hot off the presses, currently on the festival circuit, so enjoy this trailer until our digital online release. 

To learn more about the film and find a screening near year, visit the Animals website here, or visit us on Facebook here: