Alien Rescue: Behind the Scenes - Fury Road Experimental Performance

Alien Rescue

In this long-ish video, I share some of the processes, workflows, and behind-the-scenes of putting a MetaMovie together. As I'm prepping for a new experimental show, I invite you to watch like a fly on the wall as I do some building, brainstorming, and rehearsal prep inside NeosVR. For this experiment, I'm implementing a short but action-packed car chase and shootout inspired by those amazing set pieces we all love in movies. In my case, it's Mad Max Fury Road. I know some audiences will love driving and riding around in cars, blasting away at enemies, doing donuts and driving off jumps. But how to manage all that chaos? What about people who get VR sick? What about our Eyebots? All these questions and more are on my mind as I test these new ideas. Follow along as I work and think outloud about how best to approach this! And stay tuned as we begin to roll this out in our show, either by watching our livestream or buying a ticket and trying it out for yourself!