TEDxFultonStreet: Jen Rozenbaum

Jen Rozenbaum embraces her femininity while allowing women to embrace their own. By daring her clients to shed their clothes, they begin to shed their inhibitions. In just 7 years, Jen has found a burgeoning audience in the intimate photography market. She proves that you can own your world if you live fearlessly, think audaciously and act spontaneously. Jen has been featured in such places such as Good Morning America, AOL and Entrepreneur Magazine.

In 2008 Jen was a stay at home mom and bought a camera to take some snapshots of her young daughter at play. What she thought would be a hobby quickly turned into more. Jen was struggling with infertility and questioning herself as a woman and a mom. Through her camera she was able to heal herself and see beauty in the world again.

In the 7 years since Jen picked up her camera, she has helped hundreds of women also heal and see beauty in themselves simply by giving women a space to celebrate their unique femininity, shamelessly.