TEDxFultonStreet: Gene Dolgoff


He holds the patents for the holograms on every card in your wallet, and for the LCD projector in every conference room. When Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek: The Next Generation, he worked with futurist Gene Dolgoff to conceive the "Holodeck", one of the most iconic technologies in science fiction. Now, the master of "constructive and destructive interference" has turned his eye toward medical therapies. Mr. Dolgoff is best known as the man who invented the LCD projector. However, for science-fiction fans, he is known as the man who conceived of the Star Trek Holodeck and got it added into the Star Trek shows. As a good friend of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, he was introduced to Arthur C. Clarke and had the opportunity to influence his science fiction writing. He has decades of experience in Coherent Optics, 3-D Imaging, computer programming, and brain and neural processing science.

Gene built the first holography laboratory in New York City in 1964 where he invented holographic transfer printing, used for security on credit cards, before founding Projectavision, Inc., the world’s first digital projector company, in 1988, raising $20 million (listed on NASDAQ in 1990), and starting the multi-billion dollar digital projection industry, where he worked on the development of the U.S. HDTV system standard.