TEDxFultonStreet: 2018 Recap


Inimitable poet and performing artist Galinsky, accompanied by live-looping violinist Morgan Weidinger, shares a spoken-word summary of TEDxFultonStreet 2018. They gently tease the other 14 presenters: the human rights activist, social impact investor, startup investor, mobile advertiser, relationship strategist, media strategist, VR/XR artist, holography pioneer, aesthetics enthusiast, experiential designer, accessibility expert, diversity driver, human hacker, and technology historian. Galinsky is an NYC poet, town crier, agitator and master improvisor. Current highlight? He is teaching his new initiative “the Power of Performance and Personality: tPOPP” to incarcerated youth at Rikers Island & in prisons throughout NY State, in conjunction with Literacy for Incarcerated Teens.