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Set in in the hardscrabble, run down town of Walton, in the Catskill Mountains, 'Animals' pits brothers and small time criminals Murphy and Ozzie against Patience, a corrupt and sinister animal control officer who captures their runaway dog Barney and holds him for ransom.

"Animals" was a true passion project: I shot this 45 minute film with a small, dedicated group of filmmaker friends in Delaware County, NY, where I live. It was an incredibly satisfying endeavor: my actors Nick Nordella, Bryant Carroll, Graceann Dorse and J. Stephen Brantley were incredible. My DP Eric Branco was a true pleasure to work with. And collaborating with my wife Jennifer, who co-wrote, co-produced and designed the costumes was a dream. 

The film is hot off the presses, currently on the festival circuit, so this link is password protected for the next several months until the digital release. 

To learn more about the film, visit the Animals website here.